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Kadai FIREBOWL Stockists

We are currently the only stockist for Kadai firebowls in Cornwall and keep a wide range of their products and accessories in stock.

Recycled Kadais are a copy of the Original Kadai, made from recycled steel oil drums by the same caste of skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan as the originals. Available in 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameter.

Wilstone Kadais are hand-beaten from one piece of thick mild steel to form this beautiful bowl with robust, hand-forged handles to give a slightly more sophisticated look. Available in 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameter.

ideal for barbecuing

The High Stand is ideal for barbecuing, and the Low Stand is perfect for relaxing around the fire with friends.

Available in three sizes complete with High and Low Stands, Grill, Tongs, Filter and Wire Brush.

60cm dia ideal for 2-6 people
70cm dia great for 4-8 people
80cm dia perfect for 8 or more

Filter System

Every Kadai is fitted with their unique, registered design, filter system for drainage that enables you to leave your bowl outside all year round and can have high or low stands for use as a barbecue and fire bowl.